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"...on licensed physical server"

Question asked by uwirtz Advocate on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Marcel Hirsch

Hi all,


first a few words to our Snow Environment: 

We updated to SLM 8 and INV 5 last summer (with a snow consultant). Actually we are running SLM 8.2.04 and INV 5.2.2. We had several Versions of Snow Agents in use since that time. Agent 5.2.1 was the first one we rolled out to a majority of our clients. Actually we have several Agents/Clients in use. Mainly 5.2.1 and old 3.7.


Since a few days I am now investigating an issue with virtual Microsoft Server which don't inherit license coverage from their licensed physical hosts. I can't say exactly when this issue occurred. Somewhen in the 2nd half of 2017.


However, after checking many things like up- and downgrades of licenses, maintenance settings in Agreements, organisation membership, I finally suspect the cause might is the 5.2.1 Agent. It seems like whenever Agent 5.2.1 is installed on a virtual server it doesnt inherit the license of it's physical host. Can anyone confirm this? (Edit: Agent 5.2.1 is not the cause of my problem. Had to change the topic of this post)



This issue actually really drives me crazy. I hope to get your helpful input again     


Best regards,