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IBM Big Fix clients are being inventoried as TLM_VM%

Question asked by KarlJ on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by stephen.wood

No too much of a panic, however these are claiming a SNOW inventory license each. Due to the large volumes of these erroneous hosts, the client license limit has been reached so inventory is maxed. I have now deleted all the TLM_VM% hosts to return to within the license limit, however I believe the Snow Inventory db still keeps these records because I am unable to add any further assets to the inventory - the Snowpack txt files are indicating max licenses reached.


I have two questions:

1/ What's the best practice to clean this up? Simply manually delete from SLM and the corresponding db records???

2/ Why are Big Fix clients being manifested as TLM_VM%? and what can be done to eliminate these permanently


I have the following:

  • SNOW Inventory 5.0
  • SNOW Integration Connectors 5.0
  • SNOW License Manager 8.0


Thanks - Karl