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Left over registry entires - The bane of my life.

Question asked by Craig Moss Advocate on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2019 by tracy.osullivan

Hello Snow and fellow SAM people,


As many of you have probably encountered before, SLM has a tendancy to report left over registry entries as installed applications. This is a real pain as it pretty much prevents me from getting an accurate reading of installs and without manually diving into each computer record and looking at the identified files, (and then confirming that against what is actually on the drive because the 2 don't always marry up!) I am unable to distinguish which is a real install and which is not which is very time consuming.


Yes, we can say that our internal removal process should be better and in many cases it's fine, but as you know, not all software removals are equal.


So I have several questions really,


Firstly, is there a reason why Snow shows registry entries as installed applications when it reports on the .exe as well? I assume there are some installed applications that are only detectable via their registry entry or something and it's an all or nothing scenario...


Is there a way to disable this in the SMACC so that only executables are detected and would this be a bad idea?


Does anyone else have these issues and what do you have in place to get around it? I'd really hate to have to manually raise tickets to have registry entries removed as and when I come across them because that is not at all efficient


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!