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Snow agent not registering

Question asked by MIPA on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by roger.jud1

I have an issue with about 20 Windows servers (different versions ranging from 2003-2016) that are not showing up in the Devices section of the Snow Inventory. Snow agent is deployed and running. I am able to telnet from the troublesome server to Snow Inventory server over port 443 we are using and also able to access the web page ( for snow agent from the browser. Certificates for access to https are installed and present. Regardless of that I get the following errors in the log file:

2018-02-07T13:08:47+01:00; WARNING; snowagent; client\configmessagehandler.cpp; Client::ConfigMessageHandler::SendToEndpoint; A http send error occured with endpoint HTTP send error.: A security error occurred
2018-02-07T13:08:47+01:00; ERROR; snowagent; client\messageloop.cpp; Client::MessageLoop::Handshake; Handshake failed. Cannot connect to server. No endpoint can establish a connection to the server.


About 450 servers are running Snow agent in the same environment without any issues.

Please help!