New Search design in Snow License Manager

Discussion created by carola.iberl Advocate on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Laim McKenzie

Hi all,


Snow changed the general behaviour in Search for applications, computers  starting with SLM version 8.2.03.
From 8.2.04 on also Computer Search has changed.

In my opinion the new design is not very useful and I wanted to hear your opinions

  1. I don't understand, why I now need to remove actively empty Search conditions before the Search button gets active and can be used. For me this has no deeper sense. It only causes me to do more work, because I need to do more clicks. In the former design this was not necessary
  2. Additionally I would like to have the "Like" operator preselected. Also when you want to search for one specific computername you can use the Like operator and get the result. So this operator would cover more searches.
  3. I really miss the Grouping possibility, when I get the Search result.
    We have about 40.000 computers, and so I often preselect computers by a Search before I check more detailed and use the grouping. Do anyone else also use this?
  4. And finally and absolutely important for me is Archiving computers.
    To have a computer history I really like the possibility to archive computers instead of deleting them. That's a great feature. When I need to archive computers I normally use Search for computers. But here now Archiving is not possible any more, I only can delete computers. To use archiving unfortunately now "All computers" list is necessary (40.000 computers!)


I heard that I'm the only person, who is complaining about that.

So I wanted to hear your opinions.

Do you have the same problems like I have, or do you prefer that new design?

Many thanks for all answers. 

Also when you tell me the new design is great, then I will be quiet.