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Copy a file and set wallpaper

Question asked by MrChips on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by sigam

Hi All


I feel this is almost embarrassing for Snow SDM, that trying to perform probably the most basic device management task appears to not be straight forward.  I need to set the background wallpaper on an Android device..

I have uploaded the file to the Snow server, I have created a package with steps to copy the file to the device.

I have created a step to set the wallpaper to the required file, yet it does not work and I don't even see any evidence that it has copied the file locally.  The help documentation does not even go into how to use any of the policies correctly, it is completely useless, Im sure im doing something simple wrong, but there is no way to find out how to use the software due to the lack of documentation.  Up your game Snow!