Informatica MDM OpenHandler

Discussion created by Elenakretova23 on Feb 13, 2018

I have to develop java code to interact with Informatica MDM tool for the following:

Implement beforeOpen(CustomizableBDDObject ob) method of IOpenOperationPlugin with a custom java code to lookup an attribute of a child object. BDDConfig.xml :

<subjectArea name="Subjectname" ...>
<primaryObject ...></primaryObject>
<column.... columnUid="ChildTablename|ColumnType"...>
<column.... columnUid="ChildTablename|ColumnValue"...>
I checked multiple Informatica Support videos but can't come to appropriate solution.

Need to call a SQLServer Scalar function from my java code and use the returned value in my code. I am concerned about hardcoding credentials in the code + how to use different DB connection properties based on the deployed environment? Will  Informatica MDM internally handles DB connection properties?

Note: Restrictions informed to me to do above change: Have to provide a single jar file with above functionalities. My personal gut to optimized solution that provides more scalability.

Informatica version 10.1.2
webcontainer JBoss 7.5