Getting duplicate entries in Inventory & SLM

Discussion created by Advocate on Feb 16, 2018
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There are duplicate entries are creating in Inventory Server & SLM.


After coming fix for Inventory Server 5.1.7 for AIX LPAR machines overwriting by which lots of machines getting overlapped but updating with above inventory server this issue overcome.


But currently again some of machines getting overlapped by which lots of issues seen like oracle is visible where oracle is not installed.


IBM PVU data importing using csv file but after coming the data into inventory server it's mapped with the actual machine details.


Inventory Server Version: 5.3

SLM Version: 8.2.5


Same issue happening with Linux and Windows OS, here agents are old (previous 5) and Inventory Server 5.2.4 and SLM 8.2.4



Please suggest a way to overcome the above issues.



Kishan Pant