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Install Snow Inventory Client 5.x on different drive?

Question asked by andreas.leeraar Advocate on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2019 by andreas.leeraar

Hi All,


With Snow Inventory Client 3.x I was always able to just copy the SIC files to any drive and install and start from the command promp.


This doesn't seem to work for Snow Inventory Client 5.x as the 'snowagent.exe install' command will create a System Variable pointing to 'C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent'.


When I copy the 'snowagent.exe' and 'snowagent.config' to e.g. 'H:\snowagent' and enter the following command in an elevated commandpromt the result is as follows:


H:\SnowAgent>snowagent.exe install
Cannot start service. (Win32 0): The operation completed successfully.


What the command did is:


It copied the 'snowagent.exe' to the default location 'C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent'


The 'snowagent.config' is not copied


It created directoy 'H:\SnowAgent\data' and put the 'snowagent.log' in there with the following message.

2018-02-19T10:15:52+01:00; Info; <--OPENMSG-->; ;;; Snowagent version 5.2.3
2018-02-19T10:15:53+01:00; ERROR; snowagent; win32\deployment.cpp; Win32::Deploy_Install; Cannot start service. (Win32 1053): The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.


In the manual under '4 Command Line' there are some options which suggest we should be able to change some things from the command prompt but I did not succeed in any way. The results stay the same.


The general command line format for the Snow Inventory Agent for Windows is:

snowagent.exe [options] [<command> [<arguments>]]


Global option Description
-w <dir> Override working directory otherwise inherited from shell/environment
-v Enable verbose mode, bump all logging to max level (enable all tags)
-c <dir> snowagent.config Override the default location of the configuration file.
-data-dir <dir> Override data directory (regardless of configuration)
-log-dir <dir> Override log directory (regardless of configuration)
-? or -h Print help text and exit



So the main question is if it is even possible to do an install to an other location instead of the default location with Snow Inventory Client 5.x?


Thanks in advance,