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Support Files for Snow Inventory Agent

Question asked by jharrison Advocate on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by DavidHobbs

Hi all,


In Snow Inventory there is an option to deploy support files as part of the agent update feature. The documentation doesn't say a lot about what support files can be deployed here.


We have many organizational units, and we would like our agents to scan different paths based on the organizational unit. So obviously you can create a configuration for each organizational unit. However, this creates an administration headache. What happens when you want to make a global configuration change? Now you need to go into every configuration and make the change.


It would be kind of cool if you could deploy a global snowagent.config file, and then a support file alongside it that provides custom settings to the configuration. So it might look something like:


In the above screenshot example, snowagent.config contains our global config settings for all agents. But the supporting snowagent-aus.config provides custom override settings specific to Australia (for example). XML allows you to reference other XML files in a very straight forward way, but I suspect the snowagent.config file does not support this.


Does anyone know of another way this might be done? I'd be interested to hear how many other people would benefit from a feature such as this. For a company with many configurations, a feature such as this would really simplify administration of all our configurations.


Kind regards