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Are Snow agent deployment packages cached on a service gateway ?

Question asked by tom.lineen Advocate on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by detlev.eufinger2


We have a scenario where we have a number of Service Gateways which connect to a Master Server.


I am aware that SUS downloads and stores the Inventory agent updates on the Master Server in

the %programdata%\SnowSoftware\Inventory\Resources\Agent


If I attempt to deploy an agent update to 100 machines which normally connect to a local ServiceGateway. I would like to know if the agents are then somehow cached on the ServiceGateway or if each individual machine will download the complete package (approx 7MB) from the Master Server.


Why am I asking ? Lets assume that this Master server is in a remote location on the other side of the world and the Service Gateway is local to the site where the machines are. We do not want the same download to re-occur 100 times.


Enquiring minds would like to know