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O365 connector and Money

Question asked by Juha.Styrman Advocate on Feb 22, 2018
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Hi all,


So this latest issue I´m struggling with.

We got now O365 connector up and running (yay!) and we see active subscriptions from the portal.

One of the key features is of course the cost which should be possible to add for each subscription so we could see how much money we are spending or wasting for unused subscriptions.


Now how this happens..

O365 connector says that there is prices missing from subscription and that we need to add “Cost period”


When we choose “Edit Subscription” system says that Cost Period is missing and it needs to be added:

System allows me to add cost period only 1 month backwards and that´s what I have used:

( so you can´t choose year 2017 as a starting year )


System says that it´s updating but nothing happens.

I updated prices for each subscription yesterday but there is no prices visible today.


So it would be great if there is any tips how to get these prices updated and calculations visible.


PS. we are on hosted platform.






Juha from Finland