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Unused Installations

Question asked by Tony'sHelper on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by srmorris

I have ran the report, potential cost savings and have a question on the columns it generates.


Particularly, Unused Installations.  We are a Windows 7 Enterprise shop so when I ran this report it surprised me that Windows 7 Enterprise would show 15k devices unused.


How is this calculated?  What is the criteria behind this calculation?  If it's a standard application on all devices and we use it daily, how does it show up as an UNUSED application?


The other column that is more an annoyance is Coverage?  Can SNOW call it what it is? Licenses Owned?  It just seems like you guys are always trying to confuse us.


Is there a report out there that I may not have seen that provides, Own, Deployed, and cost?  I can do my own calculations.



Tony's Helper