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Register Microsoft ESA agreement and licensing

Question asked by HalmRi on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by detlev.eufinger2

We have a Microsoft ESA agreement, which I registered as follows:

1. Added a new agreement, type: "Software Agreement".

2. Marked the options "Subscription Agreement" and "Upgrade rights".

3. Added 3 Agreement Periods. The contracts covers a period of 3 years, but every year you have to do a True Up.

Question: Is this the correct way to register an ESA agreement?


I have added all the licenses from that ESA agreement as follows:

1. Added a license by searching for the right SKU, and choosen the latest version of the applications.

2. Linked the previously added subscription agreement.

3. Marked the option "Downgrade rights".

4. I thought I also had to mark the option "Upgrade license" because an ESA gives you the right to use the latest version. But marking this option is showing the next message: "Not enough base licenses specified for upgrade".

Question: What's the next step to make sure that this license isn't incomplete and that future release of the software are covered as well?

Question: Is this the correct way to register the license linked to the ESA agreement?