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How to enter license INVOICES 5 from vendor ReadSoft?

Question asked by BrigitteReiter Advocate on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by sebastiano.bonfiglio


this is to specify my question “How do we handle volume oriented license models?” a bit more in detail:

We bought INVOICES 5 for an annual volume of 100.000 invoices a year. The license is a system which includes the following modules: 1xManager, 1xInterpreter, 2xVerify, 1xTransfer, 1xOptimize.

To my understanding we have have the standard option in Snow to enter the license “INVOICES 5”, license metric is number of installations. How can I enter and follow the use of the modules and the yearly volume of transactions?

Do we have any best practices for this case?

Many thanks and kind regards, Brigitte