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Question asked by Rohit3192 Advocate on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by steffen.heuke

Hello Geeks,

With respect to using SNOW, I will be using it for license management and also external inventories which include SCCM will send data to SNOW. So, with respect to components there will SNOW Inventory, SNOW License Manager and SNOW Integration Manager.


So, regarding the architecture please suggest:

a) Shall I have 3 servers - each for SNOW Inventory, SNOW License Manager and SNOW Integration Manager

b) Database server which will be for SNOW Inventory and SNOW License Manager

c) With respect to number of units like 'X' inventoried client computers, does this mean the X number of devices on which agent will be installed or the number of devices which will be in inventory database which may come from discovery or external inventories like SCCM

d) What about database for SNOW Integration Manager (SIM)