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Snow License Manager leveraging SCCM for Software Harvesting Errors

Question asked by TaylorH Advocate on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by TaylorH

We have connected SLM v7.x to SCCM to to perform software harvested for a select number of applications. The removal of the software works great. High-level, Snow sends a command to SCCM to place the computer in the "Uninstall" collection. After this happens, the next time the computer checks into SCCM, the software is removed.


Where we are seeing issues is when the business partner who had their software removed, determines a new need for that software title in the future. When the new request is place, the software is not deployed because SCCM is moving the computer to the "Install" collection. However, the computer also exists in the "Uninstall" collection and the "Uninstall" collection overrules the "Install" collection.  


Has anybody seen this issue and had luck resolving it?