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Netweaver Gateway - Starter Application Project option not available

Question asked by masonjames on Mar 22, 2018

Hi all,


I have just begun trying to learn SAPUI5.

I have tried setting up my environment by first installing Eclipse Juno.

I then also installed the following softwares



Now , I would like to create a project that involves an App that consumes an OData Service from a netweaver gateway ..

SOmething like shown in this tutorial.

Developing a simple List based SAPUI5 Application | Crystal reports

However, when I try to select a new Wizard - the SAP Netweaver Gateway - > Starter Application Project - it can be seen that the option to create such a Starter Application Project in Netweaver Gateway is not available.



I only have the SAPUI5 option.

Can someone help me as to why this is happening ?

I thought once we have the Netweaver Gateway Productivity Accelerator installed , this option would be available to me.

Am I missing something here ?


Thanks a lot.