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Identifying Specific Users

Question asked by Craig Moss Advocate on Mar 23, 2018
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Hello fellow Snowers, Snowans... Snowites?


I fear I may have overlooked something very simple here but let's find out.


I want to be able to report on the most frequently used computer by specific users. Example being, the users are part of a test patching group and by identifying their most frequently used computer we can better deploy the test patches.


Unfortunately, the problem that I am having is that to the information that I need to pull into my report would appear to lie in two different data tables.


I have tried creating a custom field against users to mark them as being part of the group but I can't pull in the most frequent computer on a user report.


I have tried creating the testing group as an object and linking it to the user but again, I can't report on their most frequent computer in this way either.


Am I trying to do the impossible here of taking data that lies in two different tables to create one report? Or have I overlooked something very simple? We are on SLM 8 by the way.


I am not well versed in SQL so I wouldn't know how to apply a script but if this is something that could be achieved via the SMACC then that would be great.


If SQL is the only way then I could possibly hand a script to our SQL team to look at implementing but, it's not that big a deal. If there is a quick win then perfect. If not, I can live without it!


Thanks in advance!


(Also, I am aware that I could export into Excel and filter out the users that aren't applicable but that defeats the point of having an instant report)