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Integration of SCCM and SNOW

Question asked by Rohit3192 Advocate on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Burak.yucel

Hello Geeks,


With respect to the integration between SCCM and SNOW, we have considered SIM (SNOW Integration Manager) to perform the integration. Please suggest regarding the following queries:


a) Why is it recommended to integrate SCCM with SNOW. Is the data fetched by SNOW via an agent is not sufficient due to which it needs data which is fetched by SCCM to perform asset management.

b) In case we integrate SCCM and SNOW, will re-conciliation will be performed as there will common data which is fetched by both SNOW and SCCM

c) Is there any way to effectively utilize the network bandwidth as both SCCM and SNOW will be fetching some common data. Do we have configuration like this that SNOW does not fetch the data which is already provided by SCCM or something like that to effectively consume network bandwidth as agents for both SCCM and SNOW will be running and sending data to respective platforms.


Thanks in Advance!!!