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Whitelist Deployment Failing

Question asked by harry.mansell Advocate on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by harry.mansell

Hi All,


Just wanted some clarifications around the whitelisting function that can be used to restrict the applications within Snow Device Manager. The issue that i have had is that it works perfectly well and then for an unknown reason it will then fail to be deployed when a new device is enrolled, now the error code that is displayed in the log file is the following.


Deployment - Package step 'apppolicy' not support


Now how the Whitelist is setup is as follows with a wildcard in the Blacklist and then all of the allows applications in the whitelist.


What i am wondering is to whether there is something I'm missing, and is there anymore information i can access to tell me more about this issue. The phones that we are using are Samsung - Android 7.0.


The issue that i think is causing this to happen and i have tested but i'm not a 100% is if the Whitelist gets edited or somehow becomes stopped it then falls over because of this during the enrolment process, so ensuring that the deployment is started which i have tested and checked should fix this issue.


Just wanted to put feelers out to see if any others have come across a similar issue, as we are about to roll out 500 mobile devices with SDM on them.