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New servers not being inventoried

Question asked by KarlJ on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by Dirk

I'm trying to figure out the best approach to use to troubleshoot why some newly HP-UX and Solaris servers  are not being inventoried. Snowpack files are being generated on the host but the IDP is throwing exceptions for invalid characters. There are dozens of other HP-UX and Solaris servers being inventoried just fine - only a newly deployed batch of 9 are not able to be inventoried. 


The new hosts are communicating via port 80 and logs on the hosts are showing that snowpack files are being generated on the host, but the \error logs for the IDP are indicating exception errors in the snowpack files.  As the files are encrypted, I cannot view the content of these.


Snowpack error (indicated in the associated txt file)


      2018-03-28T21:17:42+01:00;data-processor;;;;' ', hexadecimal value 0x04, is an invalid character. Line 171474,       position 28.



The host client logs are showing a 204 code and closes the connection to the Inventory server.  I'm assuming that the 204 code just simply means that the snowpack hase been submitted successfully to the IDP without a response.


Client host logs


      Verbose;        Posting to server; se.snow.common.communication.CommunicationHandler; send;; Server returned: 204 - No       Content




Not sure where to go with this now as the snowpack files are encrypted...

Just looking for advice how best to investigate further - Thanks!