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How can Snow accurately monitor concurrent licensing?

Question asked by Zebigbos on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Jan.christoffels

So, the metering functionality is supposed to keep track of how often an application is used. This works fine in most cases. In the concurrent licensing world however, this can become a bit tricky. The main reason is that the term 'usage' in Snow is defined as 'running an executable'. In most cases that suits our needs just fine. But what happens if you exceute an application, and an error message pops up telling you that there are no free concurrent licenses? In many cases this means that you still lauch the application, but you will not be able to actually use the software at all. The functionality of the software will be blocked, because there are no free licenses. As far as I understand, Snow still records this as usage. It will count as a 'run' in the Snow reports, and it will require a license if it the licence form is 'based on concurrent users'.


However, in some cases it should not. Autodesk have the following definition of 'access' to their software:

"1. “Access” or “Accessible” means, with respect to a computer program or other materials, (a) to use or execute the computer program or other materials or (b) to use or otherwise benefit from the features or functionality of the computer program or other materials." ( - Exhibit A)


Now, the (b) points us in a direction where you can execute the application without actually using the functionality it provides, because it is locked, therefore not triggering the need for a license. In this case Snow would count it as usage, and present wrong numbers in the reports.


As far as I see, there is only one way to handle this correct in order to get the most accurate data regarding Autodesk concurrent license usage. In the LMtools part of the Autodesk Server installation, there is a logfile that contains accurate information on what license was accessed, when it was accessed, what user accessed it, and on what computer it was accessed from. This information can be parsed in order to make good use of the information. I am wondering if Snow have any functionality for this? I would rather use Snow for this than getting the FlexNet Manager that Autodesk recommends.