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Software store - room for improvement

Question asked by Huib Advocate on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Huib

We have recently started using the software store within the organization. Most reactions are very positive and business users like the way the store works. However, there are some parts of the store which could be improved and would greatly increase the user experience


For example: when selecting a manager approver or a target computer, the user name or computer name that is resolved from Active Directory, needs to be selected and clicked with the mouse. Most users however, just press enter after entering the data into the input field. It will seem that the request is completed successfully, and no warning or error message will come up. However, the request will miss the required data and will not be completed. This is a bit annoying.

question: can users be forced to enter the correct data and notify them when they did something wrong? Now they'll have an empty request and they will have to make a new request.


The same thing applies to the "view" button you have to press before you can check-out an application. If a user forgets to click the view button, he will submit an empty request. Again, very annoying.



Can these things be improved?