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Application upgrade rights

Question asked by kiran.bangera Advocate on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by jeroen.frikken

I have an application which i had purchased in Mar 2017 it has a subscription period from Mar 2017 to Mar 2018. We have decided not to renew it further and as per their website we can use the application perpetually under perpetual fall back license which states that we can use current version that we have installed till subscription ended Mar 2018. I have checked the license installation in snow and it kind of tricky we have 2016, 2017 installed in our estate for which i have no problem but i can see 2018 which should not be installed. I went to add license tab and i cannot see how i can restrict 2018 installation as snow show that Could upgrade to 2018 from 2017 which is not case as we are only allowed to use 2017. I have also tried to edit license that we have for 2017 by ticking Upgrade license but it is asking for base license for which i do not have any idea which version should i add 2016?


Also While adding the subscription date i had selected Upgrade right "Yes" so is it correct approach or should i select No and add upgrade license? Upgrade rights