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SnagiT 11 apps cannot be removed on SNOW tools

Question asked by richard.lazaro on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Oliver.Berger

We have a project in SNOW to removed 136 VDI machines with Snagit 11 apps, i have then ask the Desktop support to removed them from AD group and OU membership. and even ask them to add all the 136 VDI machines to SCCM uninstall Collection. out of 136 VDI machines only 110 was successfully removed. there are still 26 remaining VDI machines that cannot be removed. i have exhausted all my effort  to check with the virtual server team managing this . to check if they can reboot the server to kick the uninstall. but no luck on that one. I have even log a ticket in Snow support, to have them check the Snow agent ,if this are working properly.  what i have noticed is the Last Scanned date for the 26 machines are not updating.