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Working of SNOW License Manager

Question asked by Rohit3192 Advocate on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Jan.christoffels

Hello All,

While I was investigating the end to end working and capabilities of SNOW, it is capable to perform end to end software asset management but with respect to working of SNOW License Manager please address the below queries:


a) The data regarding applications, users and computers is collected via agent. But actually how SNOW identifies the application installed, application installation date, application usage and application last used date and time.

b) We need to check for compliance as well through SNOW, so lets say we have purchased licenses for installation of a software on X number of computers but however we have done that on X+Y number of computers, which means Y number of computers are not compliant and we need extra licenses. So, how SNOW will come to know we have breached the vendor policy. Will it be controlled through the license purchase information we have added to SNOW

c) We have a template to upload the license purchase information in SNOW, can we fill information for multiple license purchase in the template and upload them in a single go

d) With respect to agreements, do we have mechanism to upload the bulk information in single go


Thanks in Advance!!!