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Installation of Snow Inventory Server 5.4

Question asked by Rohit3192 Advocate on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by roland.meier

Hello All,


I am looking forward for the installation of Snow Inventory Server 5.4, in my environment. Please help me with the queries regarding the installation:


a) We are not looking for any high availability, as we will have VM based replication for HA. So, can we omit the installation of Service Gateway, and can only proceed with the installation of Master Server.


b) During the installation, it asks for Discovery Site Name. However, I have to write auto connect rules to configure the organization of the assets inventoried by Snow Inventory. So, do the site and organization are related to each other in some manner.


c) The installation guide says the installation package will named as "SnowInventoryServerSetup.exe". So, I am bit confused like once this package is installed we will have 4 packages - "snowserver.exe", "snowserverconfig.exe", "snowserver.config" and "snowserver.log". And further the installation of Master Server will be done through "snowserverconfig.exe". So, please clear regarding the installation package and steps.


Thanks in Advance!!!