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Renamed Computers do not appear correct in SLM

Question asked by lambert on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by lambert


we have renamed Computers from a complete Org-Unit

Following things have been changed

- change of hostnames to new scheme

- change domain membership

- replace SNOW Agent with new configuration (Endpoint changes to new server in different domain), name of Configuration also changed


Operating System, Hardware and Applications were not touched! (no re-imaging, no hardware change)



OldHostname.olddomain.local                     ->            NewHostname.newdomain.local


The normal behaviour according to SNOW Inventory documentation should be:

- OldHostname Record in SLM remains, but gets into Quarantine when treshold is reached (LastScanDate will stay on date of last SNOWPACK transfer with OldHostname)

- NewHostname Record will be created in SLM with actual LastScanDate


The "real" behaviour is:

- OldHostname remains as described above

- NewHostname appears in Inventory Server Console (so transmission of SNOWPACK is OK), but is not transferred to SLM and does not appear in "All computers" list

- NewHostname is also not in the "Computers not inventoried" report (this is OK, because the computer is inventoried)


What is done wrong here? 

Thank you!