Benefits of connecting SCCM to Snow

Discussion created by T.Howland Advocate on Apr 26, 2018
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Hi all,


I am rather curious about the underlying benefits of connecting an existing SCCM deployment to Snow License Manager, so that I can build a business case for the integration - please note: I have read the existing guides regarding this topic and they appear to be aimed at organisations that have not yet deployed Snow (please correct me if I am mistaken).


In our organisation we have SCCM deployed and subsequently the SCCM agents deployed on all of our devices - good start right? We then implemented Snow into our estate and have distributed the Snow agent out into the estate, which is collecting data nicely. The point of clarification that I am looking for and hoping to discuss with everyone, is the underlying benefit of now connecting SCCM to SLM - is there any at all? What is the delta between the data collected from Snow over SCCM?


I appreciate that SCCM has the added benefit of User-Device Affinity, which is powerful in it's own right - so I have already added this to the tick box exercise giving me a reason to connect it to SLM (Yay!).


Do I run the risk of duplication in SLM? Example: FQDN vs short name, etc.



(apologies if this is deemed a daft topic)