The Wonderful World of Widgets

Discussion created by PeteS Advocate on May 3, 2018
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one really useful feature with Snow License Manager are the Snow Board widgets that you can add to provide a high level view of certain data that might be specific to your requirements.

I used to find the "Computers" widget useful as I could see at a glance the number of active, inactive, archived and quarantined devices. However, just over a year ago the count for each of these appeared to be doubled. I checked the actual count by listing all computers and this confirmed that the widget was reporting a double count. At the top right hand corner of the widget is a link "View data" and if I click on this it shows each device to be listed twice.

So whereas this doesn't actually affect any compliance counts, it is a shame this widget no longer works correctly for me.

It was reported to my service provider, an incident raised with Snow and yet a year on nothing has changed


I also have another widget called "Discovery" which now is just totally blank, and again this was useful as I didn't have to run the report every time I wanted to check non-inventoried devices.


I think the widgets are a great feature in SLM, but concerned that these poor little things are being forgotten by the Snow support team.


Keen to know if others have similar issues with other widgets and are you able to get the issues resolved?