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Question asked by Greg Morgan Advocate on May 8, 2018
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Hi all,


We have quite a few Microsoft Office 365 licenses including Microsoft Project 365. As yet we have not configured the 365 connector, so are manually looking after our licenses and licensees.


I have come across something strange with Project 365 that I wanted to share and query with you all.

I have entered the licenses for "Microsoft Office 365 Project Professional" and changed the assignment to "Organisation" since we have quite a high number. I have ticked the downgrade option since the 365 license will cover 2013/2016 versions.

When recalculating compliance I can see that the "Microsoft Office 365 Project Professional" is showing zero across the board, which is what I would expect since the licenses should be transferred to the 2013 & 2016 versions, however the 2013 and 2016 Project Professional applications are both showing as underlicensed with no licenses in effect.

When checking the "Microsoft Office 365 Project Professional" application I can see that the licenses are being transferred via upgrade from our Enterprise Agreement to "Microsoft Project Online Cloud Add-On" which we don't use, has 0 installs and 0 users.

I find this very strange indeed and can't see to find a way to remove the upgrade option. I don't want to change the agreement since the upgrade on that is correct.


Hopefully we will implement the 365 connector on our hosted platform soon, but in the meantime I am struggling with this one.


Any ideas?