Hardening points need to take care for Snow Servers

Discussion created by Advocate on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Marcel Hirsch

Dear All,


We are facing issue by which unable to install Snow Inventory on Server (Which was pre harden).

We got error "Cannot read license key. License key is not valid".

There is several security points which applied during hardening so that which action cause above unable to identify.

So after preparing new server without hardening and install application which works fine but after again applying the hardening application again stop working and I checked the log found above error.

Also same issue having with Snow License Manger(SLM) where Web Configurator also showing blank values and SMACC was not opening.


Please suggest what points need to take care while doing hardening on servers.


Kind regards,

Kishan Pant##