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Snow License Migration

Question asked by Rohit3192 Advocate on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by andreas.leeraar

Hello All,


In our environment, we already have Snow implemented and we have SI and SLM licenses which supports 12000 devices. However, we are performing fresh implementation of Snow and will be migrating the devices from old environment of Snow to the new environment of Snow but not complete in one go, in phases.


a) Is it possible to use the same license key in the new fresh implementation of Snow - Total devices will remain same like 4000 in new implementation and 8000 will stay in old implementation of Snow. Slowly in phases all the devices from old implementation will move to the new implementation keeping total count to be always below 12000


b) If a) is not possible, do we need to shut down the old implementation of Snow and use the same key in the new implementation of Snow.


Please suggest the best approach which should be followed in the above scenario.