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Flagging Trial Versions for Uninstall

Question asked by Greg Morgan Advocate on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by PeteS

Hi all,


Is there a way that I can set up something within SLM to highlight trial software that has expired?


Quite a few products have the same executable for the trial version and the full version. Usually the trial version is limited either by the number of times it has been run, or has a number of days use restriction.


In my mind, it would be useful to have SLM identify items that are deemed as beyond the trial period.

e.g. Application A1 can be used as a trial for 30 days, after that time it must either be fully licensed or uninstalled. Application B1 can be used 10 times and then must either be licensed or uninstalled.

Is there a option in the application settings to mark this, so that the licensing restriction is required after the trial period has been exceeded?

It would surely only need an option for "Trial Period" and could be set by either "Days" or "Runs".


Does this already exist, and have I just missed something?

I guess this could be done via reporting if not, possibly.


Thanks for reading.