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Run activity based on compliance info

Question asked by mathias.wickel Advocate on May 11, 2018
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I would like to extend our default SLM AutomationBook workflow with a "run extra activity based on compliance info"


1. software request by user via Snow AP
2. SLM AP Workflows
2.1 Wait for organizational approval (default workflow step)
2.2 Organizational approval (default workflow step)

   - shows the approver the current compliance status

2.3 If compliance status is negativ, run procurement workflow

   - procurement workflow is done, back to 2.2 and wait for final approval by organisation

2.4 install application


I want to add an intermediate step, if the compliance status is negative, then the approver should be able to start a procurement workflow. When the procurement workflow is complete, the approval workflow should go one.


I would be pleased about suggestions for the implementation of my requirement.


Thank and Best