Proper guide and steps to Add License

Discussion created by ivan.lee on May 14, 2018
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Hi Everyone,

Need some help on proper guide to Add License into SLM.

Some of the issue faced as per below :

Example :

- The license to add name is "WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition - Processor Perpetual".

- Under "Search for Applications", there are so many WebLogic name that appeared. Which one will be the correct application to select ?

- When I select the "License compliance summary" report, the name that scanned by Snow shows "Oracle WebLogic Server 10" and "Oracle WebLogic Server 11 (Solaris)". Does it mean that I need to determine how many license to "Add License" under "Oracle WebLogic Server 10" and "Oracle WebLogic Server 11 (Solaris)"? 

During license purchase, "WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition - Processor Perpetual" covers both windows and non-windows.

- Do I need to perform License "Assignment" to each device during "Add License" in order to determine / obtain the License Compliance Report ?


Appreciate your advice on this. Many thanks !