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Simultaneous use of Windows Server per processor and per core

Question asked by alexander.butzlaff Advocate on May 16, 2018

Hi all,


hoping for your advice: A customer of mine has been purchasing licenses for Windows Server Datacenter over the course of several years without Software Assurance. So now they are in a situation where they have both Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter licenses per processor and Windows Server 2016 Datacenter licenses per core. These licenses cover a number of ESX hosts, the actual installations are standardised on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

Since Snow allows an application only to have one metric assigned, I cannot calculate the license consumption for the application for both the 2012 R2 licenses and the 2016 licenses.


Do you know any suitable workaround for this issue? Problem is that the licenses are assigned to hosts but installations are inventoried on VMs. I was thinking about delivering a custom registry entry to those virtual Windows Servers that run on a host covered by core licenses, creating a custom application. However, if one of these VMs due to High Availability moves to another host covered by processor licenses the custom application would be of no use anymore.


I cannot believe that I am the only person to encounter this issue so I really hope for some help here.


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