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Using the snow AP request ID within a workflow // unique request ID

Question asked by mathias.wickel Advocate on May 17, 2018
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a customer asked me how to add/create a unique and visible "request ID" in Snow AP that can be used e.g. in the subject line of an eMail. He wants to help users and adminstrators, because they can search for the number directly in Snow AP and do not always have to filter by certain criteria to find a user request.


1st idea: using Powershell to create a unique ID for each request (e.g. CustomerDescr - SLM - ID ....), save the data into the database and use it for the whole workflow (including email). Then I noticed that this information is not available in the Request Monitor to search for it


2nd idea: Using the internal Snow AP Request ID and add it to my custom text. I found a sql table called "Requests" containing information about: request ID, user, status, timestamp. This data or the newest entry could also be queried directly with a Powershell script in the first activity and integrated into the workflow. But what happens when two workflows start simultaneously? In the worst case, the wrong IDs are assigned?!


For me, this raises the question of how to uniquely determine the request ID of the current workflow or does an internal function already exist for this?


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