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New. Just implemented snow.

Question asked by Snow-good on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by harri.carroll

Having just implemented snow, I would like to know what are the common house keeping tips, support issues that I need to advise our System support team.  i.e.  Which services are imperative to be up and running following a system restart, what area to be aware of a growth of logs that need to be managed etc?  This is inorder for me to advise the support team.


We are using the following elements:

  1. a) Snow License Manager website (Web reporting)
  2. b) Snow Management And Configuration Centre SMACC (Administration tool)
  3. c) Snow Update Service (Client)
  4. d) License Manager Data Update (SQL Job)
  5. e) Snow Inventory client’s communication (client Agent)
  6. f) Microsoft SQL Database’s (SnowInventory and SnowLicenseManager)


Thank you


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