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Windows Server - License Assignment

Question asked by sven.schmitz on May 24, 2018
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We still have a question, or problem with understanding the process of Snow in this case.

Actual we have a lot of installations and license of different Windows Server Versions, a lot of machines in Cluster or Datacenter and we prefered the manual assignment to the machines. You still have the solution, that you can open a table in license assignment which show you the machines which need a license (so you see virtual and physical). First problem, if you take another license (after assigning some machines) and you open the table in the new license, you always see the machines you choose by the license if you assign a lot of machines you often did'nt know which of the machines you choose before. Only if you recalculate, the machines are gone. If their is another solution, or is it is possible to develop, that machines you assign not longer shown in the table ??


Maybe it would be helpful, that their should be an information that you have to assign a 2 Processor license complete to a machine, also  it still has only 1 Processor included. Because in our situation, we often split the license and assigned it to different machines.


Did anyone has another idea or solution, what is the best way to assign Windows Server in the best and easy way ?

Maybe we did something wrong or did not see the correct way.


Thank you


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