Free to use Software (with caveat)

Discussion created by PeteS Advocate on Jun 5, 2018
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how best can software be managed in SLM when a licence T&Cs has specific caveats to use within a commercial environment of number of users. Recently looking at "MS Visual Studio Community" terms and for organizations it mentions "up to 5 users", but SLM shows this as "No Licence Required":




For individuals -
Any individual developer can use Visual Studio Community to create their own free or paid apps.


For organizations -

An unlimited number of users within an organization can use Visual Studio Community for the following scenarios: in a classroom learning environment, for academic research, or for contributing to open source projects.
For all other usage scenarios:
In non-enterprise organizations, up to five users can use Visual Studio Community. In enterprise organizations (meaning those with >250 PCs or >$1 Million US Dollars in annual revenue), no use is permitted beyond the open source, academic research, and classroom learning environment scenarios described above.





I am keen to know if anyone else has experienced such installs and how best to get Snow to report correctly on them.