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Unlinked auto-connect rule definitions

Question asked by Samuel on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Samuel

Dear Community,


Recently I was tidying up our auto-connect rules in our SMACC and I found that we have a few dozens of Rule Definitions that are not linked to any Rule. I think they might be remains of Rules that we deleted in the past as we created and updated our Organization structure in the SMACC.

The rules are in the table tblOrgAutoConnectRule and their definitions are in tblOrgAutoConnectRuleDefinitions.

The 2 tables are linked through the RuleID field. So if I run this query:

SELECT * FROM tblOrgAutoConnectRuleDefinitions r

LEFT OUTER JOIN tblOrgAutoConnectRule rd ON r.RuleID = rd.RuleID



I should find nothing because each rule definition should have a rule associated to it.

But the query brings up over 30 rules. Is there a reason why they are left behind? Can I delete those rules?


Thanks for your advice.