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Availability of the Full Version Number

Question asked by Samuel on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by DavidHobbs

Dear all,


The Snow Inventory features the full version number for the executable files detected on each client. This version number gets truncated when passed over to SLM.

When security alerts are raised about a specific sub-version of some software, we have to go to the Snow Inventory and play around with SQL queries to bring up the quantity and identity of computers that are at risk.


Would anyone else feel that it would be a good feature to improve the network security if SLM would also bring the full version number in a report?


That way, if let's say version 10.2.3 of an application has a vulnerability and Snow reports that I have 200 installations of version 10 of that software, we would not have to check them all manually, we would go to that report to see what exact range of sub-versions we have on our clients and where.