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Oracle Inventory with User authentication and least privileges

Question asked by joachim.chilleck on Jun 6, 2018

Hi everybody,


for special areas we have to do SIOS Oracle Inventory with User authentication and least privileges.

Usually we use Automatic Oracle Inventory or Oracle Inventory with User autentication and all in read privileges (select any dictionary and select any table).

Unfortunately there are some mismatches in Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner User Guide between "2.2 ORACLE PERMISSIONS REQUIRED" and "2.2.1 EXAMPLE: ORACLE PERMISSIONS REQUIRED".

Some "Required Permissions" missing in 2.2 and some in 2.2.1 (xlsx based comparison attached as screenshots).


Resolution proposed by Global 2nd Line Support:

"SIOS user guide updated with new list of objects in section 2.2. Example deleted in user guide.

User guide will be published in next release of oracle scanner."


Release date is unknown until now.


Any suggestions are welcome to obtain a sql-script (like this in 2.2.1) for creating an Oracle Account with reliable read privileges.


Thanks in advance!