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Approver Task Primary Owner assigned to a user in another domain?

Question asked by JYARBROUGH Advocate on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by oskar.frolin2



We have a very convoluted environment where we have multiple active directory trees and users can have Login ID's in both. The scenario that has come up is a user in the domain where AP (lets call it the "other" domain) does not reside requests software. We try to validate the ID against our main domain and if that fails we utilize the "other" domain. We then find the employeeID from that domain and utilize that information to find the user in the main domain where we get their manager information. We then place the managers LoginID from the main domain in the Owners_Primary field in the Approver (Task). The issue is that many times the manager is logged into their machine with their "Other" domains loginID so when they go to approve the request they have nothing in their Tasks. Is there someway to  to set the approval to their "Other" loginID when I have tried to test this it fails, have multiple loginIDs in the approval. 


Any ideas would be appreciated. I realize we have a confusing mess with all the LoginID's and scenarios.