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How does the "new installations" alert work?

Question asked by Björn Advocate on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by Björn


unfortunately i do not fully understand, how the "new installations" report behind the SLM Snowboard alert is intended. 

Lets create an example:  We see an alert on the Snowboard looking like this


"1,241 new installations (20,954 applications) have been discovered since 14/05/2018"


Clicking an the alert reveals this report:

So what wrong?

a) The report shows like 1,238 applications with 20,878 installations. Wrong naming? Why wrong numbers in admin view?



b) Clicking on one application revals, that the it was installed before the 14/05/2018:

The standard report "Application installation history" report show,s that this app was only discovered within last 30 days:


If the report currently does not consider the install date the alert name should imho be:


"1,241 new applications(20,954 installations ) have been discovered since 14/05/2018"


Please provide assistance,