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SNOW Agent Unix and Oracle DB inventory

Question asked by snathan on Jun 14, 2018
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Hi, I have few questions on the SNOW agent discovery and inventory.


1. Is it possible to run the SNOW agent base components/inventory without installing the agent for collection HW/SW including the Oracle DB?


2. Does the SNOW agent support

   a. what is the highest version Solaris OS flavor it can support? And whether it can support Zone & LDOM?

   b. what is the highest version IBM AIX OS it can support? and whether it can support LPAR & can we collect the HMC information?

   c. Can it support and collect information of the Oracle VM (OVM)?

   d. Can it collect VMware host information like model etc?


3. Can SNOW agent discover and inventory the Oracle DB instance

   a. Can it collect Oracle inventory if the DB instance is on mounted state or only on started/running?


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SenthilNathan D