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How can i get Snow to recognize Autodesk AEC Collection installs ?

Question asked by Snowball on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by semi.vasudevan

We recently bought Autodesk Architecture Engineering Construction Collection that allows installation of multiple products from the Autodesk portfolio. Hence users allocated with AEC license can install around 17 Autodesk programs. Such AEC allocated user machines have different Autodesk products based on their work profile and do not have a particular pattern for installs.( .


The issue I'm facing is that Snow is unable to differentiate between AEC products and individual products, due to which my compliance is skewed. I have already contacted support but no resolution so far. Is there any solution/workaround available for such cases, so that I can get to demarcate AEC user installs from normal standalone Autodesk user installs ?


Please note that AEC Collection is available in SRS but the mandatory installs selected by Snow  will not always match with installs at user end, leading to be seen as individual products and not as part of the collection.