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Maintenance and support fields on License import

Question asked by ChaosWrangler on Jun 19, 2018
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I have a couple licenses that do not have version upgrade rights to them. I believe I have the 4 maintenance fields set correctly [we have SLM8]

  • Maintenance includes upgrade rights = "no"
  • Maintenance according to agreement = empty [which defaults to no]
  • Maintenance and support valid from = empty
  • Maintenance and support valid to = empty

These are tied to their agreement which I have set to have upgrade rights activated.


The license import wizard is flagging my records as incomplete because the valid from and valid to are empty, which means I can't use them until I get this resolved.


The import field guide seems to say if the 'includes upgrade rights' is no then the other 3 should be ignored.

I thought maybe it was the fact they were tied to an agreement with active rights but tying them to an agreement without upgrade rights throws the same flags.


How am I supposed to reflect no version upgrade rights in the SLM8 license import?